Oct 1, 2019

Today, customers are using mobile devices to obtain market data, discover brands, and make purchases. According to a survey by BrightLocal, 60% of customers prefer to contact small businesses via phone than any other means.

Therefore, businesses that have click-to-call buttons on their websites are getting more customers. The available data says it all. According to QuickSprout, enterprises that have click-to-call buttons on their websites increase their conversion rate by 200%.

As more businesses concentrate on getting more inbound leads, the demand for phone call data and call tracking solutions has subsequently risen.

Traditional Call Tracking vs. Modern Call Tracking Software

If you are seeking to harness the power of your prospects’ data, should you go for traditional or modern call tracking software solutions?

Traditional call tracking solutions will provide useful call data such as the duration of calls, call volume, and the customer’s number. However, this data is limited as it’s only a sneak peek of your customer’s call behavior.

On the other hand, modern call tracking apps allow you to track phone call leads easily. With these software solutions, you can assign each of your marketing campaigns a unique phone number and track their individual performance.

In addition to the data provided by traditional call tracking solutions, modern call tracking apps allow you to identify the campaigns or keywords that led to a call. The software can also provide the following data:

  • Recordings of the conversation
  • Location of the customer
  • Peak calling hours
  • Missed calls
  • If the call resulted in a sale
  • Other customer infographics

Traditional call tracking systems have their limitations.

  • They can’t match the amount of data provided by modern call tracking software.
  • Integrated with other business systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems is nearly impossible.
  • They don’t provide enough marketing data to enable other marketing activities such as suppression and retargeting.

How Modern Call Tracking Software Can Help Your Business

Research shows that most customers prefer calling a business’ number. Therefore, your firm is better off using a call tracking solution to understand your customer’s behavior. And that’s exactly what modern call tracking software will do for you.

Below are some reasons for using modern call tracking software solutions for your business:

1. Increased Lead Conversion

According to data from DemandResults, businesses that used call tracking software for the first time found out that 50% of most of their leads were from calls. On the same note, a survey report from Nutrisystem indicated that phone calls provide 20% more conversion rates compared to a click conversion rate of 1-2%.

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Digital marketers who want to improve sales need more detailed call data. Modern call tracking software solutions offer the perfect solution to this problem. From the data gathered, you can tweak the campaigns that are driving the most calls leading to improved conversions.

2. Improved Organic Search

Traditional call tracking solutions don’t provide data on the keywords that are driving sales. On the other hand, modern call tracking software can identify the exact keywords that inspired a prospect to call.

When you have access to such data, you can come up with better ads that are based on the identified keywords. Doing this will improve your ads’ organic and paid search results.

3. Improved Customers’ Experience

According to Google, 57% of customers call because they want to talk to a real person. This indicates that humans still crave for human-to-human interaction.

However, if your callers always have to deal with rude and irritable customer agents, they will leave. In fact, 47% of customers take their business to a competitor one day after experiencing poor customer service.

Fortunately, call tracking solutions can help you to improve the experience your customers have with your business. For example, the software can show why the customer called. You can also listen to recordings of calls that resulted in a sale.

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You can share this data with your customer agents and come up with ways to engage customers even better, for example, by conversations.

4. Integrate the Call Data with Other Systems

Call tracking software provides a lot of data related to the caller. This data can be integrated with Facebook, CRM, Google AdWords, and other systems for follow-up emails or ad retargeting for improved conversions.

When you want more insight into your callers, use modern call tracking software. These solutions provide useful data that can help improve your lead conversion rate and increase sales.


David Gasparyan

David Gasparyan is the founder and president of Phonexa, a SaaS company that gives businesses all the tools they need to run and optimize their marketing campaigns. David has a formal education in marketing and first started working in the digital marketing space over fifteen years ago, at a time when Google was only a search engine, Facebook didn’t exist, and the internet’s full potential had yet to be realized.

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