Dec 13, 2019

When you are marketing your business, you must work hard and use every tool at your disposal to connect with prospective customers. One of the best tools available for your marketing is Google Maps, also known as Google My Business. This business listing is vitally important because it connects your business with the world’s number one search engine—and it is completely free.

Why Use Google My Business?

Using Google My Business, you can build a free profile and include items like your address, hours of business, relevant images, or links to your products or services. Google will also connect to your latest blog or social media post.

My company Phonexa has had a Google My Business listing since the very beginning, making it easy for others to find us when searching Google. There are three very simple reasons to put effort into your Google My Business listing.

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Reasons to use Google My Business

  1. Better search visibility: Google processes 3.5 billion search queries per day, with some 79,000 searches per second. Optimizing Google My Business can help your business rank higher in these searches.
  2. Another communication tool: You want to make sure your business can be found by anyone who is searching for it. Google My Business opens up another dependable way for consumers to find your business and connect with you.
  3. It is free: Creating your ideal Google My Business listing costs nothing except time. When you can get so many marketing benefits at no cost, it would be irresponsible not to take advantage.The goal of a marketer is to make your product or service readily available to anyone who is looking for it. A fundamental way to ensure your business is seen by prospective customers is to have the best listing possible on Google Maps by using Google My Business.

Track Your Google My Business Calls

A key element of your Google My Business profile is the phone number for your business. You now have the ability to track anyone who finds your number by searching on Google Maps.

This is a very simple and straightforward process, but it can provide you with valuable data insights into your customers. These insights will allow you to adjust your marketing strategies to make the most out of your marketing budget.

Steps to Track Calls from Google Maps (GMB listing):

  • Go to your Google My Business profile and access the dashboard for your business.
  • Click the blue “Edit” button next to your business’ information.
  • Find the phone number for your business, then click the pencil icon to edit your number.
  • Remove the “main line” number and insert your selected call tracking phone number in its place. If you don’t have a tracking number, then seek out a call tracking software solution that works for your company.
  • You should add your original company main line as an additional phone number on the listing. This ensures that you maintain consistency with your main number and your Google My Business Listing.
  • When these steps are completed, click “Apply” and the changes will go live.

Through this simple process, you can now track which customer calls you because of your Google Maps listing. This can impact how you spend funds on other marketing efforts, including any Google AdWords initiatives. With an optimized sales funnel, you can spend less money and get more customers to your business.

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David Gasparyan

David Gasparyan is the founder and president of Phonexa, a SaaS company that gives businesses all the tools they need to run and optimize their marketing campaigns. David has a formal education in marketing and first started working in the digital marketing space over fifteen years ago, at a time when Google was only a search engine, Facebook didn’t exist, and the internet’s full potential had yet to be realized.

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